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Christian Bosse Podcast Interview, Part Two

Double Olympian Jessica Zelinka outlines in this second part of the interview, why she believes in habits, and how the right habits can change your behavior and brings you closer to your goal. Why it is important to do things in alignment with yourself, and the importance of intentional practice and intentional communication.

Furthermore. we discuss • Her success habits 00:00:08 • Her morning routine 00:07:27 • How to prepare for important moments 00:12:45 • How to overcome setbacks 00:15:42 • Her role model 00:19:45 • The best advice she has received 00:22:38 • Why it matters what you say to athletes 00:25:13 • A typical training in the life of a heptathlete 00:27:17 • Her interview nomination 00:28:58 • Where can you find Jessica Zelinka 00:31:03

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