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It can be a hard feeling to swallow...but it was worth another go, even though a 3rd Olympics is no longer in the cards for me after competing in England this weekend. Been caught up in chasing this standard for the past few months but haven't lost sight of the 4 year journey that brought me here. Thank you for all who continued to support me; my family, my team, my club NYAC, my sponsors Zelinka Priamo Ltd and Southside Group, my friends, fans and community.

Congrats to the Athletics Canada 2016 Olympic team that will be announced today!⁠…

Thought it'd be a quick trip to Edmonton for Canadian #ACTrials, but instead I've decided to hop on a plane to GB. Last chance to hit #olympic standard in the heptathlon. Competition starts tomorrow! 📷 @growcalgary


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Father's Day in Ontario with my Popsie❣

Supporting her mom today at the track meet "Why do you scream like...a baby?!"

Olympic-themed party for Anika's 7th b-day today, much fun! From the lighting of the torch and Games oath, to shuttle hurdle relays and slackline competitions, to awards ceremonies and an Olympic stadium refuel station and Olympic torch cupcakes! What a day...can't believe Anika is already 7, so proud of my her! ☺️ #olympics #birthday #kids #party #pinterest #diy

Ten years after my first time competing at my favourite annual #IAAF #hypomeeting in Austria, it was likely my last time on this track. Amazing to be able to celebrate with some of my favourite peeps :) Top left to right: Les, me, @andrewparr Bottom left to right: Dave (brother-in-law/physio), dad, sister Deanna, me


My #1 priority this season is my health and well-being, and @omegawave was excited to support this goal by providing me with one of their devices! Got this baby in time for my 10 day training camp; it provided useful feedback on how I was responding/recovering to the training sessions and to the load overtime. Omegawave records data regarding the Cardiac, Central Nervous, and Energy Supply systems. It's easy to use, similar to a heart rate monitor strap, and I use it prior to my training sessions. #health #wellbeing #holistic #training #quality #feedback #mindfulness #rio2016

Behind the scenes...two therapist, Leah and Wilbour, who have volunteered their time/services at our past 2 training camps. I couldn't ask for any better support than what I receive from those that still choose to stand by my side; those that have been with me on this journey because they know there's more value in the pursuit than in just trying to "Own the Podium". #ownthepodium #teamcanada #rio2016 #journey #gratitude #support

Can't say it's been easy on the family, supporting this Olympic journey. It was harder than I thought talking to my daughter on Skype on Mother's Day; wishing we could have been together on this day to celebrate our mother-daughter bond xx