Jessica Zelinka

When the only way out of discomfort is to be with it. Sitting with pain and lactic after a brutal hill workout. Sometimes even in the most defeating state of exhaustion I feel the most alive; feeling my heart pound, connecting to my breath, feeling the support of life around me- the warmth of the sun on my face, the scent of fall and the reminder that everything is in a constant state of change and this too shall pass. #training #discomfort #stillness #life #pain #breath #connection


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Kickboxing (or whatever I'm trying to attempt) ain't making the cut!...The search for my next craft continues 😹

Started coaching with a local track club this fall. On this fine snowy morning only 1 of 15 showed up 😬, so we did what any reasonable sprinter would do and ran to the nearest coffee shop! I took this opportunity to learn more about my athlete(s), to get feedback and to get a better understanding behind what motivates Brighid. #yycrun #coaching #track #workout #realwork

Warming up at the Terry Fox Run in Calgary this morning! Great turn out; it was a beautiful day to celebrate a Canadian hero and his legacy that continues to bring people together in the spirit of hope and determination in the face of life's challenges. Thank you Terry πŸ™πŸΌ #terryfox #terryfoxrun #terryfoxrunyyc #yyc

I'll be joining the 5 million who will be participating in the Terry Fox Run across the globe in support of cancer research. I'm running for all those who have been affected by cancer, including my "deda" (grandfather) who passed away from lung cancer. My deda immigrated to Canada from Croatia, worked in the lumbar industry in northern Ontario, then found a Croatian community in Schumacher Ontario where he worked as a black smith in the mine. Growing up I saw through him the value of working hard, in being a part of a community, and in never losing sight of how fortunate it is to be living in a country like Canada. I'll be at Telus Spark tomorrow, as the Ambassador the Calgary Terry Fox Run @terryfoxcalgary Come join! (info link in bio ☝🏽) Pic: Getting the splits ready for the community lamb roast with my deda, dad, and two older sisters

Speaking tonight, with daughter in tow (can you spot her?), at the Calgary Terry Fox fundraiser. I'm honoured to be the spokesperson for the 2016 Terry Fox Run in Calgary (and across Canada) on September 18th. Come out to support Terry's legacy and help raise money towards cancer research. Find a run near you! Link for info is in my bio☝🏽️ #terryfoxrun #terryfox #calgary #yyc #canada #cancerresearch