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Training camp – High Jump

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AC’s Interview: on my return back to training

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AC’s Interview: on my return back to training

1. As you’re now back into training full-time, what has been the hardest part of getting back into it? The hardest thing has been trying to get into a rhythm. My training sessions have been shorter, and my volume has been pretty low. As a multi-eventer, I’m not use to this at all. My coach […]

Finding what Works Best for You

Advice for young athletes who attended the “Skate Like a Girl” weekend.   What I have discovered over the years is that every athlete is unique. What works for one athlete doesn’t necessarily work for the next. Sometimes it’s easy to get discouraged or frustrated when we’re not having the same positive outcome as your […]

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Transition: Training Machine to a Life-bearing Machine

When we found out I was pregnant, there was no doubt that I’d return to the track post pregnancy. With the full support of my husband, and of my coach Les Gramantik, all that was left were the tiny little details of  how to “train through pregnancy”. My coach and I searched aggressively for information […]

Jessica Zelinka: A Super Mom and an Amazing Athlete

From the Calgary Herald The original game plan, as drawn up by coach Les Gramantik, called for Jessica Zelinka to take a year off upon finishing fifth in heptathlon at the Beijing Olympics. A year to rest. A year to spend quality time with fiancee, Nathaniel Miller, who was playing professional water polo in Barcelona. […]

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Impact Magazine Interview

IM: Our readers are always interested in knowing what athletes eat. Could you describe what you might eat on an average day? I think the general rule I follow when it comes to my daily nutritional intake is the eat a well-balanced diet, trying to include as much whole foods as possible, and relying less […]