support team

Les Gramantik (photo courtesy: Helmut Ploberger)

Les Gramantik: coach

I moved to Calgary in 2002 to work with Les.

He has an Eastern European background, and actually represented Romania at the 1972 Olympics in pole vault. People that know him well call him “the most interesting man in the world” (he’s that man in the Dos Equis commercial, I swear).

When he coaches he always has the best interest of his athletes at the heart of what he does. His knowledge and experience is unparallelled. Combining this with the passion and commitment he puts into his work, makes me a very fortunate athlete to have him as my coach.

He also coached Canadian decathlon record holder Michael Smith and former Canadian heptathlon record holder Catherine Bond-Mills.


Training camp with Uncle Dave

Dave Zelibka: physiotherapist

I  know it’s confusing: he kind of has my last name, but doesn’t. His former name was Hlibka. He married my sister who was a Zelinka… Put two and two together, and don’t ask why ;)

Dave is the reason why I’ve been able to come back injury-free after my pregnancy. With the restrictions of my schedule with a little one, Dave has made sure I can get the treatment I need, whenever I need it.

He’s become my secret weapon that I try to take with me on training camps and competitions whenever possible. He’s the only physiotherapist I know that would volunteer on trips to be the driver, the tech supporter, the BBQ-er, the porridge cooker, the baby diaper changer, the time manager, the uncle/entertainer, and car seat dancing partner. And did I mention that Dave is also a super fantastic physiotherapist?

Here’s some info on Dave’s physiotherapy and IMS practice in London Ontario.


Sheri Reith

Sheri Reith: massage therapist

I’ve been with Sheri since I moved to Calgary (10+years). She helps keep me balanced by putting some Yin into my very Yang-filled life. With all the years she’s been working on me, I think she’s the only one that knows my body better than I know it myself! I always look forward to my Sheri time, and never want it to end!




Derek Robinson

Derek Robinson: sport psychologist

I’ve been working with Derek through the Calgary Canadian Sport Centre for many many years.

He’s the one that can magically make you see all your flaws as being there for a good purpose (as long as you know how to use them to your benefit).  If I look calm and confident when I’m competing in front of 80,000 spectators it’s because of him (If I look like a mess, then I’ve been missing my appointments with him)!



Bob Palmer

Bob Palmer: performance expert

Bob is a high performance expert and teacher of performing in the zone. My work with Bob has been rewarding and exhausting! I will never underestimate the power of the mind!






Dr. Kim McQueen

Dr. Kim McQueen: naturopathic doctor

Kim is a mother of three and works with many elite athletes, including her brother who is a Olympic medalist in rowing. She completely understand my needs and demands as a parent and as a high level athlete. Kim has provided me the tools and confidence to take my diet and nutrition to the next level, and she keeps me motivated by occasionally sending me dark chocolate treats!