Jessica Zelinka

SprintFit Clinics: August 4th/11th

SprintFit is a two-session "learn to sprint" clinic lead by Olympian Jessica Zelinka and UWO sprints coach Derrick Johnston. 

For active adults of any level and/or experience interested in learning how to get into better shape by adding sprinting into their fitness regime. 
We'll teach and practice the fundamentals of a proper warm up, the mechanics of sprinting, and we'll share knowledge on how to safely and effectively implement this fun sport into your current exercise routine. 

Session #1: Fundamentals of Sprinting 
- practice the principles of a proper warm-up
- injury prevention tips and exercises
- dynamic drills #1: track drills
- sprinting mechanics: on the track 
(starting positions, acceleration development, foot placement, arm swing motion)
- Q&A with 2X Olympian Jessica Zelinka 

Session #2: Incorporating Speed into your Training
- review of warm-up and sprinting mechanics
- dynamic drills #2: introduction to jump training (plyometrics)
- guide through sample training circuits
(Including core, medball, low hurdle hops, sprinting)
- warm down lead by guest instructor and performance coach, Andrew Parr

Total time:  3 hours (1.5hours/Session)

Session #1: Thursday August 4th @7pm- 8:30pm
Session #2: Thursday August 11th @7pm-8:30pm 

Where: TD Waterhouse stadium, Western University campus 
(Parking gate will be open)

Fee: $50 for 1 session, $80 for 2 sessions (recommended)


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