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2012 Outdoor Competition Schedule

2012 Outdoor Competition Schedule

Outdoor season is about to begin, and this is what we have lined up. My Olympic A standard from my 2011 score (6353pts)  carries over to this season, so to qualify for the Olympics I need a B standard (5950pts) and top 3 finish at the Canadian Championships. London 2012 2012 Schedule Event April 20 […]

What is Heptathlon?

If there are only 2 things you remember about heptathlon… 1. It is only 1 sport (track and field), consisting of 7 events (no cycling, or swimming, or shooting!) 2. The 7 events are always in the same order, and take place over two consecutive days. If you remember the above, then you’re ahead of the […]

The 7 Events of Heptathlon

(in proper order, of course)   Day 1: 100mH 10 flights of hurdles over 100m, 33″ high PB (Personal Best): This is my highest scoring event. My best time is 12.97s. Interesting fact: Unlike individual eventers (ie: sprint specialist), combined-eventers (heptathletes and decathletes) do not get the “no false start rule” (you false start once, […]

Interesting Facts: Heptathlon

Between 1964-1980 women competed in pentathlon (5 events). In 1984, heptathlon was first contested at the Olympic Games (javelin and 800m were added) Decathlon is the men’s version, which consists of 10 events and were first contested in the 1904 Olympics. The event developed from the ancient Greek pentathlon held during the 708BC Olympia. The […]