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A wonderful Mother's Day gift before I leave for a training camp this week. Thank you @lowensskincare and @somacalgary for treating me and my daughter Anika to a spa session :) We met up with Lindsay, Chad and their daughter Lowen, the owners of the family-run skincare company (named after their daughter Lowen). Lowen's Natural Skincare products are hypoallergenic. Made in Calgary, utilizing locally sourced, certified organic, non-genetically engineered and fair trade ingredients. #skincare #organic #fairtrade #local #hypoallergenic #yyc #calgary #familyowned #madeincanada #mothersday

Body composition test taken every month or so at the Calgary Sport Institute. They have data from my tests going back as far as 2002! May not be the most accurate method nowadays, but it's consistent and we use the info to monitor for any red flags. The skin folds are taken twice, and even a third time if required. @winsportcanada #rio2016

Attempting to watch my profanity since becoming a mom 🙌


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Breathe, meditate, be still... just me and my Muse. Sometimes it can be challenging to give ourselves permission to be still. Today I planned a hike for my active recovery day, but I experienced a sense of relief after the rain clouds came rolling in. Perhaps a gentle reminder to bring awareness to the subtle differences between my outward expectations and my inward intentions? The Muse @choosemuse is a brain sensing headband that provides real-time feedback during meditation sessions. #breathe #meditation #bestill #wellness

Chocolate heaven for breakfast, snack, dessert, or all three! These no-bake Chocolate Gelatin Squares actually did the trick to satisfy my chocolate cravings. Made with high quality ingredients that will nourish your soul. Recipe found at: I made some slight adjustments, but basic ingredients include: high quality beef Gelatin, cocoa powder (I added Maca root powder), coconut oil, honey, vanilla. #chocolateaddict #maca #eatclean #healthychoices #lifeisgood

Did you know: the City of Calgary has an annual grass mowing budget of $7,000,000 to mow unused areas (ie: grass along roads/ medians, etc.)? #Mow2Grow is progressive movement that supports urban farming initiatives while helping vulnerable Calgarians gain access to nourishing fresh food. Win-win proposal: reallocate 1% of annual mowing budget ($72,000) and 1% of mowed land inventory (70 acres) towards supporting @growcalgary in their efforts to provide a sustainable Compassionate Food System that grows fresh food for @calgaryfoodbank Let's be the change, sign petition at: #yyc #urbanfarming #growfoodnotlawns #compassion #healthyfoodforall #bethechange @nenshi

In Phoenix for a training camp and was woken up early this morning for a surprise blood test by Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sports. Making sure the athletes representing Canada this summer are clean! Wish I could say the same for all the other countries 🙊 #cleansport

On International Women's Day, I recognize the 3 amazing female role models I have always looked up to: my mom and my two older sisters, Andrea and Deanna (pic: craft time growing up in the Zelinka household)!

No-rice nori rolls, my new favourite snack! Made with sunflower seed pâté instead of rice (for extra sustenance 🤗)! Recipe: Gingery Sunflower Seed Pate (Raw, vegan, gluten free) 1 1/4 cup sunflower seeds, soaked for at least 1 hr Juice of 1 lemon 2 tbsp tahini 1 1/2 tbsp Bragg’s liquid aminos 1 tiny garlic clove, minced (optional) 1/4 tsp powdered ginger (more if you like the taste) Black pepper to taste Water Handful chopped scallions (optional) #sushi #snacks #glutenfree #raw #vegan #healthychoices #nutrition #fuelyourbody

A little video analysis every so often is great for instant visual feedback. For instance, I "felt" like I was staying low in the middle of the circle, but from the video I can see I was upright. I big disconnect to what I was feeling. Although I may not be able to instantly perform this skill any better on the next throw, I can start making adjustments internally by playing around with a cue to OVER exaggerate the feel of staying low.

I saw that Canadian Olympic icon Clara Hughes was going to be available in Canmore this weekend for a book signing, so I had to drive to get my copy of her book signed!! I came with the intention to tell her how much I enjoyed her book "Open Heart, Open Mind"; how all I wanted to do is read her book through from the moment I started it; how her writing was raw and captivating, and how I appreciated her sincerity and wholistic view of her Olympic Journeys. Instead, I was completely caught off guard by her expression of warmth and gratitude when she greeted me and my daughter. Clara immediately began to ask how I was doing, while providing words of encouragement on my journey to my 3rd and final Olympic Games. It was only after I left the bookstore I realized that I hadn't said anything I came there to say about her book- instead I left with yet another gift from her: Encouragement. It's one thing to write about an Open Heart and an Open Mind, and it's another to completely embody it! Great seeing you again @claraannehughes and thank you!! #openheartopenmind #book #clarahughes #olympian #icon #olympics #inspiration