Post-Olympic Haze

Photo: Ryan Remoirz, Canadian Press

It’s been weeks since the Olympic Games and it’s still a bit of a blur. Looking back, I feel like I’m living in a haze, not knowing what day or even month it is. Everything is “post” Olympics at this point.

Such a big build up over several years and now BANG! It’s over.

I’ve been busy…trying to read and get back to all the wonderful email messages, Facebook messages and Twitter mentions sent¬†during the Games. Never mind the interview requests, event appearances, and requests for ab training tips and pictures of my bicep flex!?

The day after we arrived back to Calgary from the Olympic Games, our family had to make a decision about our future. Our situation prior to the Games was only temporary, with Nathaniel (my husband) walking away from competing in water polo and taking flexible jobs so he could support the family around my training camp and competition schedules.

So…to add to the craziness, we’ve been packing a lot of boxes lately. We’re moving. Ten years in Calgary, and BANG! Just like that, we’re packing up and leaving next month to Connecticut where Nathaniel accepted an exciting position as director and head coach of a water polo club.

It’ll be hard to say goodbye to Calgary…

Hard to say goodbye to the track I trained on for a decade, the city our daughter was born in, to the support team I’ve come to depend on, and my local sponsors that have taken me in as family. It’ll be especially hard to say goodbye to the day-to-day interactions with my coach, Les Gramantik, who has been by my side through the ups and downs over the wonderful years we’ve worked together.

In the next few months, both myself and my family will be plugging away to set our lives up again. New adventures to look forward to, a new chapter in our lives to unfold with the closing of another quadrennial cycle.

I plan to continue training in Connecticut, and am looking to find the means to compete until 2016 (imagine?!!). Doors have opened as a result of my breakthrough year in the hurdles, and this will have to be considered in planning for the future.

In this post-Olympic haze, I’ve been most overwhelmed by the kindness and support I’ve received. Thank you to those who sent messages, thoughts, prayers, and donations. To those who watched and read, and cheered! To those who were inspired or felt a sense of pride…and to those who have been be able to approach me and shake my hand to show their gratitude.

So proud to be Canadian.

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7 Responses to Post-Olympic Haze

  1. Wow!

    Sad to see you leaving Canada and a little surprised, but as you say life must go on and congrats to Nathaniel on landing his new role. Good luck in the next chapter of your life and I know you’ll continue to make Canada proud in 2016 and beyond. I imagine you begin to focus solely on the hurdles to give your body the break it deserves, not that training will be much easier, but you know what I mean. Looking forward to see what you accomplish next.


    • Hi Derrick, good to hear from you! I’ll keep you guessing…because I won’t be focusing soley on hurdles, or at least not that I know of at this point in time. You’re right though, in that I’ll be switching things up to give myself a mental break on the track. Thanks for your comment!

  2. First class woman!

  3. Hello Jessica,
    How exciting for you all as new opportunities unfold. Things look so bright for you and I look forward to following your continued success. Wishing you safe travels, a smooth transition and a new city free of freak summertime snow and hail storms!


  4. Nathan Vadeboncoeur

    And what a season it was… Great job! Good luck in Conn. Rest up, I’m looking forward to seeing your results next season! ;)

  5. Awwwww!! #CanadianJessica is moving. :(

    I haven’t told McKinley yet, haha! But good for you! Any move is a big deal and this one seems like a doozie decision for you guys. Good luck in everything, you’ll kick ass I’m sure.

    You’re still #OurJessica !!

    Char and McK

  6. You are to be commended for how much you’ve enriched the sport. You have the thanks and appreciation of more people than you may realize. On the strength of your performances as a Canadian in London, one of our aspiring young female pole vaulters has approached us with a desire to now pursue combined events…and so the next generation becomes inspired to carry the tradition and legacy forward.
    Sean Steele
    Board of Directors
    Victoria Track and Field Club

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