2012 Outdoor Competition Schedule

Outdoor season is about to begin, and this is what we have lined up.

My Olympic A standard from my 2011 score (6353pts)  carries over to this season, so to qualify for the Olympics I need a B standard (5950pts) and top 3 finish at the Canadian Championships.

London 2012
2012 Schedule Event
April 20 Bryan Clay Invitational, Azusa, California
April 21 Mount Sac Relays, Walnut, California
May 26-27th IAAF Hypomeeting, Gotzis, Austria: Heptathlon
National Track League (NTL):
June 10th   Victoria Invitational,  Victoria BC
June 13th   Harry Jerome Invitational, Vancouver BC
June 16th   Donovan Bailey Invitational, Edmonton AB
June 27-30th Canadian Olympic Trials, Calgary AB: Heptathlon
August 3-4th Olympic Games in London: Heptathlon

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4 Responses to 2012 Outdoor Competition Schedule

  1. Good luck in Goetzis! I’ll be there, cheering you on to that standard. It’s such a fantastic meet, the best place to experience the magic of combined events.

    One thing I wonder: how much attention you pay to what your competitors are doing. Is it more a total focus on your own goals, your efforts to realize your own potential; or do you get motivation and inspiration from seeing your competitors hit new heights (like at the World Indoors in Istanbul)?

    And how important is it to actually compete with them prior to the Olympics, at a meet like Goetzis, rather than simply hunker down and focus on training?

    Thanks. And good luck in ten days’ time!

    • Hi Tim,
      Great questions. In Gotzis, I will use the great environment (competitors, spectators, etc.) to my advantage. I find it difficult to compete in low-key meets; so although my competition plan is entirely focused on my own goals, I know that competing with the best does inspire me. Seeing the World’s best before lining up with them in London is not necessary but may help to iron out any foreseeable distractions. Make sure to say hi! Safe travels!

  2. I will say hi. Looks like a great field!

    A bit of a random question: do you know your Myers-Briggs type?

    The reason I ask, I came across a book on brain typing and its connection to sports. The theory is each brain types has advantages (and disadvantages) that predispose it to a higher likelihood of success in certain sports.

    For instance, ESTPs (that’s extroverted, sensing, thinking and probing types) are the most natural multi-eventers. Dan O’Brien is an ESTP (as are Steve Nash and Brett Favre, apparently).

    Jackie Joyner Kersee was apparently an ISFP (introverted and feeling. As were Jesse Owens and as is Michael Johnson).

    And several decathletes, including Bruce Jenner, Erki Nool, Bill Toomey and Dave Johnson, were ENTJs (judging, rather than probing).

    Curious what type you are, if you know, and happy to send along a more detailed description, for your amusement.

    Hope you’re feeling at your best!

  3. Jess,
    Long time no see. Well done at Goetzis; I presume this punches your ticket for the Games?

    Steve Green
    London Free Press

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