Countdown to 2012

(photo credit: Nathaniel Miller)

It’s become a bit of a tradition.

Every year, during the Holiday break I find myself in a bookstore with my husband- a place we both love to get lost in. Somehow, right before leaving the bookstore my husband remembers this unspoken tradition and pulls me over to the astrology section. Although we’re not big believers in astrology, we still find it interesting to see what the Chinese horoscope and “Earth’s forces” have in store for us for the year- especially if it’s good.

This year, 2012, is a big year for me because of that little competition they’re hosting in London this summer. I opened the book to the Rooster horoscope, skimming through it- a part of me not wanting to jinks myself by looking.

Good news. It will be a good year for this Rooster (phew!).

Before I closed the book, with a big grin on my face, I noticed a category of good and bad days of the year for the Rooster. I checked the 2 days I’ll be competing in London and they were going to be… bad days? Not just average days, but bad days!?

The next thought that immediately jumped into my mind (revealing the all-to-convenient denial athletes get skilled at doing), was:

Of course the astrology gods would see it as a bad day…after all, I will be under enormous stress and pressure (and even pain) so I can totally understand how this could be mis-read as having a bad day.

I left the store with a few thoughts in my head…

The great thing about Traditions is that they’re just Traditions,
The great thing about Horoscopes is that they’re just Horoscopes,
The great thing about Fate is that it’s all about Outlook,
And the great thing about my memory, is that I will forget my horoscope before the ball even drops.

Happy New Year.

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