An Amateur Athlete’s “25 Days of Christmas”

Here’s my version of the “25 Days of Christmas” but for the Amateur Athlete.
A play on “you know you’re an amateur athlete when…” in the context of the Holidays.
I’ll be posting a new one for each day of the month of December. Hope athletes out there can relate, and I invite you to leave your own take in the comment box below.

1- For nostalgic reasons you bake your favourite Christmas cookies, only to give them away to your teammates so you don’t eat them all yourself.

2- Fun winter activities, like tobogganing and skiing, are on the naughty list… that is, if you don’t want to run the risk of having to explain to your coach how you got injured.

3- ‘Tis the Season… cold season that is. You have a bottle of Cold FX within reaching distance at all times.

4- When signing Christmas cards to friends and family, you have to remind yourself not to use your autograph.

5- Shoveling snow is not a form of exercise, but a good way of hurting your back before your real training for the day.

6- You can decorate your Christmas tree with Silver and Gold, and perhaps Bronze too.

7- An Advent Calendar is used as a reward system for doing your daily stretches/physio exercises.

8- You get to participate in the “12 Days of Xmas” contest thanks to

9- An eggnog flavoured protein powder would make the Season bright.

10- It’s difficult to find people who want to play board and card games with you because they think you’re too competitive.

11- Holiday Season = Warm Weather Camp

12- Instead of doing Christmas errands, you force yourself to go home to take a nap.

13- You eat so much at Festive gatherings, people think you must be a starving at home.

14- In the weeks leading up to Christmas, you earn your Holiday break by letting your coach kick your butt.

15- You proudly wear the Canada Olympic Red Mittens.

16- You get mixed emotions when receiving your third box of chocolates as a gift.

17- When Christmas shopping at the Mall, people ask you if you workout… Ah, just a bit ;)

18- You’ve considered jumping in a snow bank instead of taking a recovery ice bath.

19- On your way to training you avoid the “Christmas Music: All Day, Everyday” Radio channel. Not great pump-up tunes.

20- Last training session before the break, you anticipate for the worst but your coach ends up not being a Scrooge after all.

21- A family of a local athlete adopts you during the Holidays when it’s too difficult to get home.

22- There’s always one relative that makes you flex at the family gathering.

23- You rely on your mental training skills to stay sane during the last minute Christmas frenzy.

24- Instead of milk and cookies, you help Santa’s waistline by leaving him goji berries and alkaline water.

25- Christmas morning you look forward to sleeping in… unless you’re an amateur athlete with a little girl or boy ;)

Merry Christmas.

Best Wishes in the New Year, especially to our athletes representing Canada at the 2012 London Olympic Games!

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One Response to An Amateur Athlete’s “25 Days of Christmas”

  1. Love it! The wreath is the perfect touch. Might have to nick your idea and do a Living in Africa theme… ;)

    And send some cookies please!

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